White Aluminium Windows


White Aluminium Windows

Price: $ 50-150
Dimensions: SEE BELOW

All Measurements are inclusive of Reveals and/or flanges:
1230w x 1200h – No Flanges – With Screen
1825w x 1200h – 1/2 Flanges – No Screen
1825w x 1090h – 1/2 Flanges – No Screen
1240w x 1400h – No Reveal – With Screen
1190w x 1370h – With Reveal, Fly Screen & Blind
1270w x 1240h – No Reveal – No Screen
1850w x 1240h – With Reveal (damaged) – No Screen
1915w x 1370h – With Reveal
2250w x 1320h – With Reveal & Screens
2430w x 1280h – With Reveal (damaged) & Screens
2720w x 1280h – With Reveal & Screens
1040w x 1070h -No Reveal
1200w x 950h – Reveal top and bottom
1380w x 1015h – No Reveal
1415w x 1225h – No Reveal
910w x 910h – No flanges – With Screen
1670w x 1170h – No Reveal – With Screen
1250w x 1000h – No Reveal – No Screen – x3
1510w x 1010h – No Reveal – No Screen – x2
1150w x 1150h – With Reveal – No Screen
1510w x 1000h – With Reveal – No Screen
1250w x 1000h – With Reveal – No Screen

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